Apr 10, 2017

Apr 10, 2017 Log in to PfSense based on Active Directory group Point the User Manager to the new Authentication Server: go to System > User Manager > Settings and set Authentication Server to AD-adminsgroup (the Authentication Server you just created). Click Save & Test. Now you can log into the PfSense web interface with your AD account if … pfSense not routing traffic to internal web servers Jul 13, 2016 Official pfSense Hardware, Appliances, and Security Gateways

Jan 14, 2014

Dec 12, 2016 pfSense vs OPNsense: technical comparison

pfSense vs OPNsense: technical comparison

Nov 09, 2010 · At this point you should be back at the main pfSEnse console menu. Select option 2 ‘Set LAN IP Address’ and enter the IP address and mask you want to set for your pfSense box for most people works just fine. I would also recommend enabling the DHCP server when prompted. At this point your router is up and running! Since around 1.2.1-RC1 when you bridge an interface, pfSense (correctly, but silently) blocks broadcast traffic between the interfaces. Firewall rule recommended to add: UDP * 67 - 68 * 67 - 68 * pass dhcp traffic If you prefer pfSense to use the Primary and Secondary DNS received from your Internet service provider, ensure that “ Allow DNS server to be overridden by DHCP/PPP on WAN ” check-box is checked. 8. Configure “ Time Server Information ”. Time server hostname: Keep default Timezone: Chane to your local time zone.