100% disk usage? : PFSENSE Jun 18, 2010 Filesystem full (over 32GB) | Netgate Forum Using du -h / I found a lot of files but the listing went too fast. du -h /|more went too slow so I did du -h /|grep M and found a lot of 43M files in /var/db/clamav. Man rmdir in the BSD manpages told me something about forcibly removing files, but I did cd /var/db/clamav and then sort of guessed rm -drf * (careful when you do this) and all my

UFS in FreeBSD does have a journaling option. Also the FreeBSD boot system is capable of mounting the file system anyway (in most cases) and running the fsck in the background. I would think it not too hard to make pfsense also do that. Turning on journaling would be a good start.

Oct 07, 2011 · I want to create a VM of pfSense so I can mirror the firewall rules from old to new system without bringing anything down, but once I'm ready to move my new firewall to production I'm not sure how to go about that. (from VM to Physical) I have an old Poweredge 600SC that I plan to use as my pfSense box.

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